VIP Group re-opened

Hi there,

We made ** terra ** VIP Group. 

This is our VIP contents.

** terra ** has invited you to join a group.

To join this group, you will have to pay  a signup fee of L$250. (One-time cost of L$250.)

-- Specific Benefits --

1. You can access "** terra ** 's VIP Skybox".

2. We offer special discounts at ** terra **'s VIP Skybox. Always 30 off there.

3. We give VIP Members my group gift and Midnight Mania items(passed item) as 1 L$.

You have to wear your group tag during to stay VIP SKYBOX. Because the vendors are "Group Vendor". If you take off the tag, the VIP Skybox will eject you. Be careful ;) 

If you have any question, please let me know that. 

Thank you

18 July 2011

sara Alex

Group Joiner

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