About Store Policy

All my customers and blog readers.

Hi this is sara Alex who is the onwer of Furniture Store ** terra **.

I want to let you know about the Store Policy.

#1.There is a policy of a NO REFUND and NO EXCHANGE.

Please check your items if they are OK before purchasing.

If you could not get the items from MarketPlace, please let me know that. I will make sure your purchasing record then respond to individual attention.

#2.When the script BROKE.

At first, let me know about your item's script broke on the notecard then send me the broken item.

I make sure your purchasing record and then exchange new one util 3 times. If your items broke 4 times, please buy new one again.

If current price is sales at suggested prices, I will not discount to the Promotion price. Even if you got Promo items.

#3.About customize

If you want me to add a favo texture into your item, it will be free. But NO CHANGE SPECIFICATIONS.

However, if you really want me to change specifications the items, I will be given below.

The change specifications price is 25 L$ / 1 animation × modify number of pieces. (includ TIP)

#4.About Group

Current group works on ** terra ** Subscribe-O-Matic and ** terra ** SL group does not work now. But I will start new group "** terra ** VIP Group" soon(paid group).

** terra ** Subscribe sends the gift to new subscribers now. But it finished giving the subscribe gift today.

I will kick-out the members in ** terra ** SL group today. And then I will let you know after I ready for the new paid group.

#5.About invited a mall and collaboration

At least, I do not think join any malls and collaboration with anyone now.

These are the main policy of ** terra **. If you have any questions, please let me know that.

Thank you.

sara Alex


Halloween Midnight Mania 2010 (until 31st)

 Hello there.

The Halloween MM 2010 is starting at Furniture Store ** terra **(until Oct.31st).

MM items is pumpkin. inculded XPOSE script. 
 11 menus / 10 poses / 14 animations / 1 give item / 2 primes

Mod / No Copy / Transfer

Would you like to get it? Lets go!

Furniture Store ** terra **