Its small release

Hello there. 

Japan lost the game of World Cup though I think that playing was great!! So I look forward to seeing the next World Cup! (4 years later lol) 

By the way...

Its small release tonight.

terra cushions
Arrived at the 9 kind of cushions. They are match of the rattan bed, sofa. 
And included 6 animated poses.

no Mod / no Copy / Transfer

The price is L$50 each the cushion..

Furniture Store ** terra **


Midnight Mania

Hi there. The information of Midnight Mania.

In this time for "Canada Day" and "Independence Day" yay!

July 1st... Canada Day!

July 4th... Independence Day... yay!

The limited counts is 45 people with both, until July 5th.

Please try them!

Furniture Store ** terra **

The main shop reopened.

Hi there.

I reoped my main shop ** terra **.

New shop
1st floor

2nd floor

Midnight Mania & Group Joinner area

The new shop is very modern shop, and I consider about laggy. Its very lightly walking around my store... (maybe lol) 

Please come in my shop!

Furniture Store ** terra **


Started Midnight Mania(Comfy Sofa)

Hi there.

I started "Midnight Mania" today yay!

Its my Midnight Mania. There is demo also.

Its prize.

If you were intested in this prize, come to my main store then "touch" !!


Arrived the New Items

Hi there!!

In fainally I started selling new items. In this time, Love Sofa, Bed and Single sofa.

All of them is made of MLP2.4u. So its easy to use them. And they have texture
changer also.
Olive,Navy and Tan.  Thier bases are rattan so it just fits summer season.

I introduce them here!

Rattan Bed
Included 170 animations with face
Texture Changer (3 textures)

L$ 2,000
Love Sofa
Included 38 animations
Texture Changer (3 textures)

L$ 500

Single Sofa
Included 6 animations
Texture Changer (3 textures)

L$ 350

Whole Rattan Sofa Set
total 49 prims
Included Love Sofa,2 single sofa, Table and Rattan rug

L$ 1,000

Whole Rattan Furniture Set
total 61 prims
Included Bed, Love Sofa, 2 single sofa, Table and Rattan Rug

L$ 3,000

Try demo before to buy them please!

Furniture Store ** terra ** Main Shop