Summer Sale for 2 Weeks! Only on Xstreet.

Hello there.

I started "Summer sale for 2 weeks only on Xstreet!" - All Rattan Line -

In World Nomal Price 2,000L$  199L$

In World Nomal Price 500L$ 50L$

In World Nomal Price 350L$ 35L$

In World Nomal Price 3,000L$ 300L$

In World Nomal Price 1,000L$ 100L$

All furnitures are "Mod / no Copy / Transfer" and made of MLP2.4V2.

With texture change(Included 3 textures)

-- Free Gift --

Included free gift " ** terra ** Cushion.

This cushion is 4 Prims, 12 Animations(6 couple poses) by MLP 2.4V2.

Mod / no Copy / Transfer

** terra ** Cushion  (Free!)

Try demo before to buy them please!

Demo ----> Visit My Main Shop

My Xstreet

Thank you xoxo


Changed Gruop Join System

Hello everyone.

I canged gruop system - Subscribe-O-Matic -.

Teleport Point

New Release Place

2nd Floor

The sample of Palm Tree space

Touch the Subscribe then you can get your free gift.

Have fun :D

sara Alex

Furniture Store ** terra ** Main Shop


New item - Palm Tree for Romance -

Hello everyone.

The palm tree for romance arrived!

- 48 Animated Poses (29 menus) with face animations.
- Texture change (included 3 sand textures)
- 6 prims
- no Mod / no Copy / Transfer
- L$ 550

- Included Sand Option
   1. 3 sand textures
   2. The ground sclupted prim
   3. Mod / Copyable / no Transfer

You can make your own place for this palm tree. Hope you can do that. 

My main shop is closing until Aug 6th(SLT 23:00) though you can get it at KDC MALL.

If you want to look at this palm tree, please come to KDC MALL.

Do you know KDC MALL? Very big mall in Japan.

This mall will open at 06:00 (SLT) on Aug 6th. You can see it and there are about 50 shopps in this mall, so you will have a good shopping there.

I hope you will stand by my main shop or KDC Mall booth.

Furniture Store ** terra ** Main shop

Furniture Store ** terra ** KDC MALL

The Main shop will reopen on Aug 7th(JPT)

Hello everyone,

In fainally, I can let you know about the reopening of my main shop. YAAY!!

Aug. 6th (PST : 23:00)
Aug. 7th (GMT :07:00)
Aug. 7th (JPT : 15:00)

Furniture Store ** terra ** Main shop

I close this SIM - Romantic Bay - now. But I will open on Aug 7th (JPT).

I hope you stand by my shop.


sara Alex