About VIP Member

Hi there,

I want to tell you about our VIP member. This membership is SL group.

** terra ** VIP group to join this group, you will have to paya sign-up fee of L$250. 
(One-time cost of L$250)

-- Specific Benefits --
We offer special discounts at ** terra **'s products.  Always 30% off in the world.

#1. How to Join?

Middle is VIP Group Joiner. Left is Subscribe Group.
Touch VIP Group Joiner at our main store.

#2. How to buy as VIP price?

Left price is member's, Right price is general price.

Right click then the vender show you two price.

** terra ** Urban Couch

             L$560     L$800
Left side is VIP price, right side is General price. 
Of course you have to wear group tag then click member price, then you can get the product :)
Do not make mistake please!

If you have any question, let me know that, Please! 

Thank you

Furniture Store ** terra ** 
sara Alex 


** terra ** Urban Couch

Hi there! 
The MESH Couch arrived today!!

** terra ** Urban Couch MESH 800L$

- Based on the XPOSE 4.0 System.
13 menus
36 poses
72 animations
1 give items defined
- Menu
Romance (Love1 / Love2)
Sex (Sex1 / Sex2)
- Sitting Menus
Touch back of the Urban couch.
(Left back cushion : 6 single sitting poses / Right back cushion : 6 single sitting poses)

- Texture Change(included 6 textures)
Touch the shadow (under the couch). 
6 Texture Change

Cuddle poses

Single poses
Come over Main Shop Please!


Classical Chair & BDSM Chair

Same series of Classical Chair (PG). Basic system is XPOSE 4.0.

Classical Cuddle Chair 500L$


BDSM Chair 1,800L$

Furniture Store ** terra **


Classical Living Set(PG)

Hi there,
New Release!!

** terra ** Classical Living Set (650L$)

 Couch (9 Poses / 17 prims)
 Chair (12 Poses / 11 prims) × 2
 Table (7 prims)

 Totally 46 prims

Individual Resale (couch & chair)

Classical Couch (400L$)

Classical Chair(300L$)

The animations are nomal (PG) animations poses, and not XPOSE script just sitting.

- Texture Change(included 12 textures set)
   Touch the back of couch / the back of chair.

- No Mod / No Copy / Transfer