Summer Sale for 2 Weeks! Only on Xstreet.

Hello there.

I started "Summer sale for 2 weeks only on Xstreet!" - All Rattan Line -

In World Nomal Price 2,000L$  199L$

In World Nomal Price 500L$ 50L$

In World Nomal Price 350L$ 35L$

In World Nomal Price 3,000L$ 300L$

In World Nomal Price 1,000L$ 100L$

All furnitures are "Mod / no Copy / Transfer" and made of MLP2.4V2.

With texture change(Included 3 textures)

-- Free Gift --

Included free gift " ** terra ** Cushion.

This cushion is 4 Prims, 12 Animations(6 couple poses) by MLP 2.4V2.

Mod / no Copy / Transfer

** terra ** Cushion  (Free!)

Try demo before to buy them please!

Demo ----> Visit My Main Shop

My Xstreet

Thank you xoxo

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  1. I like the "World Rattan Furniture Set Box" the best. Beautiful.