Group invetion

Please Join our Group! yay!

-- Our Benefits --

1.Let you know the infomation of new item by notice.

2.Giving Group Gift.
   When you became a member our group, you can get Becoming free gift
    and getting a right for group gift.

-- How to join our group. --

1.Come to my main store.

2.Look for this Group joiner.

This is Group Joiner.

3.Touch it then the message of membershipping process by IM (Green text).
   Its free!

4.Touch again to get a free gift, after becoming a member.

The becoming a member's gift is "Tender Love Rug (Sex Rug)"
Its 74 animated pose and texture changer. Its so HQ rug, so only give one per person... Sorry :((

Tender Love Rug.
(not 78 animes. its 74 animes. sorry I made miss making the AD)

And the current gruop gift is "Funny Chair with 19 animated poses." The menus are only 2 menus though its funny.  Its around of the group joiner (to the left) inside the main store.

Please be sure ** terra ** member tag on + touch it. You can get one.
Thank you xoxo

sara Alex

Main store

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